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Go Gourmet This Holiday Season?

5 comments — posted 2010 Oct 09 by John Costanti

smoked salmon artichoke quiche

Well, the holidays are fast approaching and its time to think about those family dinners, corporate lunches and parties that go hand in hand with the season.

If your schedule is as busy as mine, the thought of preparing that mega holiday meal of turkey or ham and all the fixings is daunting.  Time to simplify.

Wild Alaskan or Pacific Northwest smoked salmon with fresh veggies and greens, potatoes, and some hot, buttered bread makes an elegant holiday meal.  Or how bout a hot pasta dish featuring smoked salmon?  Smoked Salmon Fettuccine always brings rave reviews!  Quick, easy and a cut above the ordinary.

Visit our Recipes Page for other tasty recipes that will help you sail easily through the season, fully prepared for any party or gathering. 

Ordering smoked salmon online has never been easier.  And remember, our Kosher smoked salmon makes a perfect gift for family, friends, clients or co-workers.  Their holiday time is as precious as yours and a delicious gourmet gift is always gladly received.

Wishing you fair weather and calm seas-



Fairhaven Bay Seafood… Simply the best.

National Picnic Month

2 comments — posted 2010 Aug 05 by John Costanti

I hope you are all enjoying the summer.  August is National Picnic Month, so now is the time to get out and enjoy some outdoor eating.  Farmers markets are in full swing and the freshest veggies and fruits are available.

Compliment those fresh organic greens and tasty berries with some wild caught Alaskan smoked salmon at your next family picnic. 
Need some recipes?  Hop on over to our Recipes page and take a look.  Enjoy.

Wishing you fair weather and calm seas,



Fairhaven Bay Seafood… Simply the best.

Summer Picnic's

1 comments — posted 2010 Jul 07 by John Costanti

The skies are blue and the seas are calm out here in the Great Northwest, a sure sign that summer has finally arrived.  July brings us America's birthday party on the 4th, and that of course means family, picnics, and smoked salmon.

July is also National Blueberry month.  Have you ever tried a handful of local organic blueberries, some fresh local greens, and a piece of wild caught Alaskan smoked salmon?  That's what summer is all about folks.

July 1st happens to be Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day.  I don't have any smoked salmon ice cream recipes…yet.  However, you can’t go wrong with a scoop or two of vanilla topped with blueberries!  A great dessert to follow up a meal of smoked salmon fettuccini or a dinner salad topped with our delicious smoked sockeye. Check out our Recipes section for some outstanding smoked salmon recipes.

Here's a suggestion - Avoid long grocery store lines and order up some smoked salmon online for your next summer picnic, hike or bike ride!


Fairhaven Bay Seafood… Simply the best.

President Obama and Northwest Style Salmon

0 comments — posted 2010 Jun 10 by John Costanti

Ahoy There-

Well, yesterday President Barack Obama and the White House held their annual congressional picnic on the South Lawn at the nation’s Capitol.

This year’s theme was “Tastes of the States.”  I was so glad to see that the Northwest region of our country was well represented with the healthiest meal on the menu:  Northwest-style salmon.

Members of congress and their families could choose from Chicago-style hot dogs or a garden salad with Northwest salmon.  I’m tempted to do a nutritional comparison between those hot dogs and our salmon, but I’ll hold off.  Nicely done Mr. President.

So what about your picnic fare this summer?  Take along some pouches of our certified kosher Northwest smoked salmon fillets.  They’re heat-sealed using no preservatives and they travel well.  Loaded with all those healthy Omega 3 oils and nutrients, you will not find a tastier, healthier snack for your family.


Fairhaven Bay Seafood… Simply the best.

Did you know that a 4-ounce serving of salmon provides you with 2.1 grams of Omega 3 fatty acids?

1 comments — posted 2010 Feb 24 by John Costanti

Smoked Salmon rich in Omega 3 fatty acids

Why should you care?

Well, for starters, long chain Omega 3 fatty acids help prevent the formation of clots by making your blood less sticky, lessening the risk of stroke. Omega 3 fatty acids also help combat breast cancer, hypertension, and a host of other debilitating conditions.

It doesn’t end there either. Want lower blood pressure? Omega 3 fatty acids. Want to reduce your risk of heart attacks and lessen the chance of heart disease? Omega 3 fatty acids.

So, there you have it….salmon is not only tasty, it’s a super food loaded with powerhouse Omega 3’s…essential in your quest for good health.

We want you to be healthy. Eat salmon.


Fairhaven Bay Seafood… Simply the best.

Super Bowl Sunday Means Smoked Salmon

1 comments — posted 2010 Jan 18 by John Costanti

Smoked Salmon Super Bowl Special

Oh, come on…break new ground… be the first Super Bowl party to ditch the Domino’s and dish up smoked salmon on bagels, smoked salmon dip with gourmet crackers, or even smoked salmon pizza.

Now that the holidays are behind you, it’s time to focus on the priority event of 2010… Super Bowl Sunday!

So, eggnog-and-cookies gobbler, how about switching gears? Dare to depart from salty-chips-and-pepperoni-pizza conformity and get bold with some of Fairhaven Bay Seafoods’ tasty smoked Alaskan salmon!

Yeah, yeah, pizza and beer go hand in hand I know, but here’s a secret you’ve probably not considered: smoked salmon goes down oh so smooth with a nice ice-cold pint of amber ale or a chilled bottle of your favorite IPA.

Okay, this is so fast and easy — Break out some crackers and bagels, add a shmear or two of cream cheese, and slice off a piece of our certified Kosher sockeye salmon… let that tasty combo roll around on the old tongue for awhile.

Not a beer drinker? Prefer wine? Well, hey, smoked salmon is your friend too. Your waistline and stomach thank you in advance!

If you’re looking for a few great recipes, check out our recipe page for fast, easy and tasty salmon appetizers and dips that will leave football fanatics wanting more.

CHECK THIS OUT: From January 1st to Super Bowl Sunday on the 7th of February, take 20% off our two best selling salmon fillets, the Kodiak and the Baronoff. We are talking one full pound of mouth watering, natural smoked salmon!


Fairhaven Bay Seafood… Simply the best.

Ahoy There! From Fairhaven Bay Seafoods

1 comments — posted 2009 Dec 11 by John Costanti

Fishing the pristine waters of Alaska for salmon

Welcome to Fairhaven Bay Seafoods, it’s great to have you on board! You, our valued customers, are what keep this boat afloat here in the beautiful Puget Sound and we greatly appreciate your taking the time to look over our products.

Simply the best smoked salmon you will ever taste…this is a claim that we take great pride in. For the Costanti family, it is all about sharing a tradition with you that dates back over 100 years when my family first started fishing the deep blue Pacific waters. We don’t cut any corners because we know that you will settle for no less than the finest, premium wild Pacific salmon and only the best in customer care.

For us, it starts with the environment. We support sustainable fishing practices to help protect the precious ecosystem of our oceans and rivers. We offer you only premium, wild caught salmon using absolutely NO PRESERVATIVES. We brine with a low salt, low sugar, and our product is Kosher certified. The mild, yet mouth-watering flavors you experience while enjoying our fillets come from family recipes passed down from my grandparents. Our smoked salmon is pure, delicious and distinct.

It doesn’t end there though. The pine boxes we use to ship your salmon fillets are hand crafted by a craftsman in his 70’s, with whom we’ve had a long-standing relationship. We then heat seal your fillets in a gold pouch ensuring that you get absolutely the freshest smoked salmon available anywhere.

As you can probably tell, we like to keep our operation close to home. It’s all about family pride, dedication, and tradition. That way we can treat you the way we would like to be treated, offering you products that are as close to perfect as possible… and customer service to match.

Thanks again for sailing with us. To show our gratitude, we are offering you a holiday special, you can save 25% off of your first purchase over $60. Our smoked salmon makes a great gift for that hard-to-buy-for family member, that colleague who helped you land the business deal, the client that put you on the map. It’s also a superb addition to any holiday party!

Wishing you all fair weather and calm seas during this holiday season!

John Costanti


Fairhaven Bay Seafood… Simply the best.

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