Smoked Salmon Super Bowl Special

Oh, come on…break new ground… be the first Super Bowl party to ditch the Domino’s and dish up smoked salmon on bagels, smoked salmon dip with gourmet crackers, or even smoked salmon pizza.

Now that the holidays are behind you, it’s time to focus on the priority event of 2010… Super Bowl Sunday!

So, eggnog-and-cookies gobbler, how about switching gears? Dare to depart from salty-chips-and-pepperoni-pizza conformity and get bold with some of Fairhaven Bay Seafoods’ tasty smoked Alaskan salmon!

Yeah, yeah, pizza and beer go hand in hand I know, but here’s a secret you’ve probably not considered: smoked salmon goes down oh so smooth with a nice ice-cold pint of amber ale or a chilled bottle of your favorite IPA.

Okay, this is so fast and easy — Break out some crackers and bagels, add a shmear or two of cream cheese, and slice off a piece of our certified Kosher sockeye salmon… let that tasty combo roll around on the old tongue for awhile.

Not a beer drinker? Prefer wine? Well, hey, smoked salmon is your friend too. Your waistline and stomach thank you in advance!

If you’re looking for a few great recipes, check out our recipe page for fast, easy and tasty salmon appetizers and dips that will leave football fanatics wanting more.

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