The Northwest is celebrating with high spirits because the Seattle Seahawks won Sunday's football game.  The 49'ers played hard and steady but with a couple of advantageous turnovers the Hawks pull ahead just enough to stay on top until the last deciding minute. 

February 2nd will be the big day and big game blowout parties will echo through the Northwest hills.  If you are like us here at the venues on where to watch the game are being decided right now.  If your the lucky guy or gal hosting this historical event, prepare your pantry with everything hungry hawks might need for the game. 

During times like these, we hawks need our salmon!  If the fishing season's freezer fillets have been depleted, the hot alder sweet and smokey sockeye or pink from FBS will snap your palate back in the game. Trays with spreads, dips, fillets, chunks, sandwiches, salads and (MOST IMPORTANTLY) pizzas decorate coffee tables, end tables and kitchen tables really really well.  This blog page and our recipe page will have you set with PLENTY of ideas on how to prepare your Superbowl Sunday.   Scroll WAY down right here for nearly every way to serve wild smoked salmon.